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Would you like to produce and harvest your very own honey?

Here then is your golden opportunity to find out if this 'hobby' is for you! Have you ever thought of keeping bees and harvesting your very own delicious honey? We can make that dream come true!  Just think, you could even be harvesting honey from your very own hive this year!  Even if you already have bees, here is a 'golden' opportunity to join our Association, just think of the extra knowledge you will gain and the benefits you will receive. (Joining form - see below) Beginners Classes started on Tuesday 24th January 2013. Membership of the Association gives a host of benefits including Bee Disease Insurance as well as essential Third Party and Product Liability Insurance. (More below) We meet at our Apiary at Penllergaer, 10am every Sunday morning, (Starting in May) depending on the weather of course! NB: We need minimum temperatures of 60F before its safe to open up and examine the colonies, otherwise the brood could be chilled and die! Joining our Association  The application form can be downloaded by clicking here or the link at the bottom of this page.  There is an annual subscription, which runs from January to the end of December for which you receive public liability insurance for your bees and hive products, Bee Disease Insurance for 3 hives, Newsletters, a wealth of information and assistance from other members, together with a quarterly WBKA magazine. We hold talks, social meetings and every Sunday, (weather dependant) we meet at our Apiary in Penllergaer, Swansea where you will have an opportunity to meet up and socialise with other members, as well as take part when we examine our demonstration Hives. So, if you are thinking of taking up Bee-keeping, you are very welcome to just turn up at our Apiary on a Sunday morning, don a protective Suit with gloves,  You can then ‘have a go’ without any obligation and discover if this new Hobby really is for you!  Please contact us  first though to ensure that we will be there (weather dependant) in order to save you a wasted journey. There is a local Bee Inspector available who helps and advises with disease recognition and treatment. Your hives may be inspected (for free) every few years to help you keep your bees in optimum health and condition. This network of local Inspectors is supported by the Regional Bee Inspector for Wales who has access to support and assistance from the National Bee Unit, in the Central Science Lab in York.  You can therefore rest assured that you will not be on your own when you start this facinating new Hobby! 
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