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Buy or sell
Buy or sell
Buy or sell

This page is now 'live' and FREE to members of our association!

Do you have anything to sell or are you looking for something to buy, bee related?

Please contact us by email and we will endeavour to post the information here...

Buyer looking for second hand cedar National hives. Buy and sell
Please contact Lilian Llewelyn:
Email: iolollewelyn@btinternet.com
4th November

I’m looking ahead to next year (2013) and if someone is thinking about downsizing or giving up then it might save me a search and save them posting on Ebay!

Important; please note - The inclusion of any item for sale on these pages does not imply any recommendation from our Association. Buyers should satisfy themselves that items meet their requirements before purchasing. The usual advice not to use second hand combs and to sterilise other second hand equipment. Advice as shown on the BBKA or NBU websites, should be followed.

When buying bees it is very important that you follow the guidelines as advised in the Healthy Bees Plan information leaflet, see link below. If in doubt seek the advice of an experienced member.

Healthy Bees Plan


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