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Neonicotinoids Pesticides implicated in Bee Deaths
What Biotech Pesticides Are Doing to Our Bodies Roundup weed killer is now turning up in rain and the air and that has potentially devastating impacts on our health. More here Chemicals Implicated - While research is underway to determine the cause of Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), pesticides have emerged as one of the prime suspects. Recent bans in Europe attest to the growing concerns surrounding pesticide use and honeybee decline. More here Bayer kills Bees - Neo-nicotinoid pesticides threaten honeybees and other insects worldwide. More here Group calls for protection of Honeybees and Pollinators - More here
A march by the Soil Association outside Parliament, Friday 26th April 2013 We are all bee-keepers! Today we headed down to Parliament with a team of brilliant bee-protecting organisations, celebrities and supporters to let the UK Government know that we want a ban on the pollinator-unfriendly neonicotinoids in the EU vote on Monday (29th April). Gathered together were Beekeepers complete with protective veils, supporters carrying flowers, apples, pears, honey, jam, cider and more, and celebrities such as Dame Vivienne Westwood and Katharine Hamnett. We want to say a huge thanks to everyone that donned their bee-related outfits and headed down to London today. We can't do it without you! Help us make sure Owen Paterson knows we mean business when it comes to the bees. Write to your MP asking Owen Paterson to vote for the ban on neonicotinoids this Monday. 29th April Soil Association
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