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Queen Rearing - Day 14
Day 14 - Time to make up new colonies in Mini Nucs
Here are the Mini Nucs ready to accept nurse bees to make new colonies, to nurture the new Queen Cells
The Hive is smoked, ready to remove the 5 new Queen Cells
5 new Queen Cells have been created and sealed
A ‘cup full’ of nurse bees are removed from the same hive and placed into each of the Mini Nukes
The lids are carefully replaced in order to confine the bees to each Nuke. These will become new colonies. The feeding area has been filled with sugar syrup which will feed the bees and encourage them to draw out the foundation so that the new Queen will have cells in which to lay the eggs.  Meantime, the nurse bees will collect nectar and pollen in readyness for the new bees.
The Queen Cells are now carefully removed and inserted through a hole in the plastic lid of each Mini Nuc
The 5 Mini Nucs can now be placed outside and the entrances opened. The Queens will emerge and all being well, they will mate and start laying. The new colonies will then have to be placed into normal Nuc boxes so that they can expand. 
29th June - After 3 days confined in the cool and dark, the Nucs are now out and the bees are flying. We'll check in a few days to see what is happening!  
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