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Queen Rearing with Matt Carroll June 2013
The queen is a native dark bee, she comes from Irish stock, mated with East Midlands Dark bee in a site near Whitby. She is marked Green as that was the only paint available. The bees have a lovely temperament! I've built the hive onto a double brood (Commercial Hive) and there are 16 frames of brood. The queen took a while to find! Day 1  (photos 1, 2, 3) show how the little plugs are put into the back of the Jenter frame. The frame is drizzled with honey and put into the top brood box. The bees clean the frame and make it their own. The Jenter cage is drizzled with honey and put in the hive. The hive has been built up on to a double brood box. The queen is laying across 16 frames of Commercial brood! Day 2  Photos  - Find the queen and pop her into the Jenter cage. Put the frame with the cage on into the top brood box. She should start to lay eggs in the cells Day 3 - The Queen has been in the Cage for 24 hours. She has laid eggs in every cell in the Jenter Cage. She is then taken out of the Cage and put back into the bottom Brood box. There is a Queen excluder between the 2 Brood boxes. This is to make the next stage easier. We now wait until the eggs hatch in 3 day’s time (Day 6) Day 4 - The Jenter cage has eggs laid in all the plugs. The plugs come out on day 4 because the larvae are only one day old. Day 7 - It looks like 6 cells have been accepted after just 24 hours! The double brood box is brought back together. The queen is in the bottom chamber, then a queen excluder, then two supers, then the cell-raiser, then a lift for a feeder. We will now wait until next week to set up mini-nucs. You tube on the Internet can be a valuable source for tips and ideas! How to make up Honey bee splits PLUS - Introducing a new Queen to a Nuc Tip: (4mins 50secs) Before introducing the new Queen, you may like to try spraying the bees in the Nuc with a weak mixture of sugar syrup with a few drops of Spearmint and Lemongrass oil in it. This is to mask any pheromones from the old Queen and make the new Queen more acceptable! 
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